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AQAN Executive Committee Meeting No. 2/2021

1 September 2021 | Read 104

As a member of the AQAN Executive Committee, ONESQA representatives composing of Ms. Nualsupak Phunsap, Chief of International Affairs Unit and Ms. Katewarang Pisutnarakul, International Relations Officer attended the AQAN Executive Committee Meeting No. 2/2021 which was conducted online via Zoom on 1 September 2021.

The main objective of this Virtual Meeting is to discuss items on working out potential ways to generate annual income for operating AQAN in the future and on the second phase of the External Quality Assurance Agency Reviews which will be run during 2021–2022.

The External Quality Assurance Agency (EQAA) pilot review is the program supported and sponsored by EU-SHARE. The first phase of Agency Reviews in 2017, there was four EQAAs in the ASEAN region participated in the pilot review process: ONESQA (Thailand), BAN-PT (Indonesia), MQA (Malaysia) and PAASCU (the Philippines). Joining in this program was a developmental opportunity for ONESQA to review and enhance its EQA operation to strengthen quality assurance system in Thailand, as well as to build-up its visibility to be recognized by governments and academic communities domestically and internationally.