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Supervising and Monitoring

Supervising and Monitoring

22 June 2023 | อ่าน 3,199 ครั้ง

1. Controlling the Performance of External Assessors

          In accordance with the Regulation of ONESQA on the External Quality Assessment of Higher Education B.E. 2564 (2021), Part 2: Performance of duties of external assessors.
          The external assessor shall perform their duties as follows:
          (1) Behaving well and uphold the honor of his/her own reputation and ONESQA.
          (2) Having simple demeanor and do not burden the assessed HEI.
          (3) Carrying out external assessor duties with integrity, without any conflict of interest of oneself or others. Do not wrongfully demand, receive or accept property or other benefits for oneself or others for any action, no action or refrain from any action.
          (4) Being accurate, impartial, transparent, responsible, and accountable. Report findings as they are truthful and logical, with supporting evidence, without prejudice, and do not allow any influence to deviate from the actual assessment results.
          (5) Responsible for performing duties such as knowledgeable and capable persons and conducting external quality assessment by his/her own self. 
          (6) Complete the duties in accordance with the external quality assessment standards specified by the ONESQA Executive Board.
          (7) Refraining from advertise or allow others to advertise his/her knowledge and expertise on external quality assessment, unless it is presenting on his/her performance of work in  a technical or academic field for education for the purpose of the society benefit.
          (8) Submitting the external quality assessment report based on fact. Do not duplicate other  external quality assessment reports and must not make any false or concealed any fact  in the statements that should be reported.
          (9) Submitting the external quality assessment report on the specified schedule in written  format.
          (10) Maintaining the confidentiality of the information obtained from the external quality  assessment either before the visit, during the visit, or after the visit.
          (11) Complying with the regulations on performance and behavior of external assessors strictly. 
          (12) Complying with the conditions specified in the application form for registration as an external assessor.
          Any action that violates (3), (4), (6), (8) and (10) shall be considered as a violation of the performance of duties under Article 35 and will be punished under Article 33 (3) or (4) only. 
          Penalty for action in violation 
          (1) Written warning;
          (2) Probation;
          (3) Suspension of the certificate as an external assessor; or
          (4) Revoke the certificate as an external assessor.

          An external assessor’s certificate may be suspended in the following circumstances:
          (1) Certificate of any external assessor may be suspended if the assessors had been accused of committing a criminal offence committed by negligence or petty offences. The authorized Oversight and Investigation Sub-committee that investigates the performance of duties of the accused external assessor shall deliver the verdict to suspend such certificate and shall report the verdict for the acknowledgement of the ONESQA Executive Board. 
          (2) In case, any external assessor who was considered as a defendant in a criminal offence committed by negligence or petty offences, the Sub-committee shall investigate the case and suspend the certificate of the accused external assessor, as well as report the case for the acknowledgement of the Committee. 

2. Roles and Responsibilities of External Assessors

          The appointed assessors must cooperate in working together as a team with determination in order to achieve the intended objectives. The assessment team members must acknowledge other members’ expertise. Assessment planning, goal setting, success definition, and discussions, shall be shared among all team members. They should consult together or express their opinions, cooperate and support each other in order to obtain esteemed external quality assessment results. Their roles and responsibilities are as follows:

          1) The Chairperson of the assessor team plays a critical role. Therefore, the Chairperson must possess strong leadership skills, including effective interpersonal communication abilities, as well as be capable of supporting the team’s overall responsibilities. The Chairperson should actively participate in
generating, reviewing, and providing the substantial recommendations for the assessment. 
          2) Team members are playing important role. Therefore, they must possess management skills, communication skills together with IT skills for handling various data effectively and efficiently within a limited timeframe. 
          3) A team member who also plays an assessment team’s secretary also plays important role in coordinating, facilitating external assessment procedures within the assessment team and the assessed HEI. Therefore, he/she must possess a communication skill, IT skills together with management skills. So that the assessment will go smoothly.