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Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

11 April 2024 | อ่าน 3,578 ครั้ง

Message from the Former Acting Chairman of the Executive Board

Phrabat Somdet Phra Paramenthra Ramathibodhi Srisindra Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajira Klao Chao Yu Hua (His Majesty King Rama X) has graciously bestowed His Majesty’s Royal Policy on education. The Royal Policy on education is intended to lay solid basic foundation for learners in order that related persons will carry His Majesty’s Royal Policy to a successful and fruitful implementation that will be beneficial for development of the country in the future. His Majesty’s Royal Policy includes four main principles; namely: positive attitude towards the home country; stable basic life foundation; morality; employment and career; and good citizenship.

ONESQA adheres to the Royal Policy on Education of His Majesty the King Rama X and also adjusts its operations to be in accordance with this Royal Policy, as well as in line with the objectives and principles for education management, as stipulated in the National Education Act of 1999. ONESQA aims to provide quality and standards for the management of national education system and to develop Thai people into complete human beings including body, mind, intelligence and knowledge; as well as to be a person with morality, ethical and culture; who will contribute to develop and create value for society, live happily with others, bring peace and harmony to the society and the nation.

During the past year, ONESQA Executive Committee has set up guidelines and policy for driving the external quality assessment (EQA) direction to be in line with the new normal of teaching and learning affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The newly formulated policy is intended to provide effective EQA for education institutions to ensure that EQA of education institutions will reflect the results of teaching and learning management in the current conditions with quality and standards as appropriate for the current context. Consequently, ONESQA is committed to enhance the quality of education to Thailand 4.0 sustainably and to serve as a mechanism for reviewing and assessing the results of education management in order to provide quality and standards for the education system. ONESQA, therefore, strives to develop EQA criteria by taking into account the maximum benefits for the development of education institutions by observing the principles of reducing burden and enhancing the quality of educational institutions.

On this occasion, ONESQA Executive Committee would like express its gratitude to Dr. Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich, the Deputy Minister of Education, who kindly oversees and leading ONESQA into the right direction by providing policies and supports, as well as guiding effective operation of ONESQA. Such guidance has rendered ONESQA as an organization moving towards “Modernity, Equity and Sustainability”. In addition, ONESQA would like to extend its appreciation to all parent organizations and relevant sectors involved in driving the educational quality assurance. ONESQA Executive Committee will continue to develop the quality assessment criteria that will lead to enhancing quality of learners. All this will serve as substantial foundation for the development of the nation toward “Stability, Prosperity and Sustainability” in the future.


Professor Dr.Somkit Lertpaithoon

Former Acting Chairman of the Board