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22 June 2023 | อ่าน 3,656 ครั้ง


ONESQA is an organization that excels in the accreditation of educational quality standards at the national and international level.

  1. Excellent Organization
    • Having an excellent management system.
    • Serving as trusted academic references.
    • Retaining high-performing staffs.
  2. Enhancement
    • Assessment enhancing quality of education.
    • Assessment focusing on outcome of learners.
    • Innovative assessment approaches.
    • Standardized assessment system comparable to international standards.
    • Competent and experienced assessors.
  3. Recognition
    • Nationally and internationally recognized.


  1. To develop external quality assessment system.
  2. To develop standards and criteria for external quality assessment.
  3. To develop, to provide training and to certify external assessors.
  4. To conduct assessment and to deliver recommendations for educational institutions and their parent organizations.

Core Values

"Keeping up with the world, upholding standards, delivering fast services"
Keeping up with the world: keep abreast with the changes in global quality assessment.
Upholding standards: operate in accordance with the recognized regulations quantitatively and qualitatively.
Delivering fast services: deliver valued assessment reports to assessed institutions and stakeholders rapidly and accurately.