The Interview of ONESQA on the Status of Quality Assurance in Thailand: Opportunities and Challenges of the Implementation

14 March 2017 | อ่าน 953 ครั้ง

On 6 March 2017, Sikkhawiwat Meeting Room, ONESQA, Mr. Frank Niedermeier, a researcher from University of Potsdam, Germany and the head of ASEAN-QA Project interviewed ONESQA represented by Rear Admiral Wachara Karunyavanij, Deputy Director and the President of ASEAN Quality Assurance Network (AQAN) and Mr. Ekaphong Lauhathiansind, Senior Expert. The aim of the interview was to study the status of QA in Thailand as well as the opportunities and challenges of its implementation. ONESQA explained that for the past three rounds, ONESQA has learned the lessons and been aware of the challenges such as diversity of institutions, quality of assessors, standards and criteria for assessment, workload of institutions. ONESQA, therefore, took the lessons learned from the past three rounds to develop a method for the fourth round of external quality assessment that will be more effective and friendlier while enhancing the quality of Thai education.



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