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2022 AYQON Webinar

2 June 2022 | Read 1,049

2022 AYQON Webinar

12 May 2022 | Zoom

As a member of the AYQON Executive Committee, ONESQA delegates participated inthe 2022 AYQON Webinar under the theme “QA practices during Covid-19 pandemic: Challenges, Adaptation and Way Forward” on 12 May 2022 hosted by The National University of Battambang, Cambodia. This webinar was the first activityof AYQON since each member were dealing with the challenges and reforming their QA and Higher Education systems within their countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the webinar, the representatives fromeach member countries were invited to share
how they response to the COVID-19 pandemic; the common challenges, the successful strategies and coping skills they used, and what they want to take forward for future QA system. Dr. Suchaya Sangcharoon was also invitedin presenting the QA practices developed and operated by ONESQA during COVID-19.

After the presentation was following by a group discussion which divided into 3 topics that are common challenges, adaptation and strategies for future QA system among ASEAN members. The participants were allowed to shared their opinions and good practices which can be summarized as follows:

The common challenges:

     1) dramatically changes in physical activities
     2) ensuring the quality of online assessment
     3) technical issues such as internet stabilityand computer literacy of the assessors.

The common adaptative:

     1) changing the way to conduct their QA activities from physically to be virtually
     2) adopting the work from home policy
     3) issuing the guidelinesor practices of quality assessment during COVID-19 for the institutions as well as the assessors.

The Strategies for future QA system:

     1) adopt hybrid approach for quality assessment activities
     2) improve IT supporting systems
     3) develop guideline or criteria for quality assessment for online and distance learning.