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SHARE Regional Quality Qualifications and Quality Assurance Conference SHARE-BINUS “Enhancing Graduate Employability in ASEAN through Internationalization of Higher Education 21-22 November 2022| Indonesia

15 December 2022 | Read 1,422

21-22 November 2022| Indonesia

On 21-22 November 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Associate Professor Dr. Ekachai Keesookpun, Advisor to the Executive Board, Dr. Nantha Nguantad, the Acting Directo.r, Dr. Khanidtha Tangwarasittichai, the Deputy Director, and LCdr.Dr. Kittiya Evans, WRTN., the Deputy Director were invited to attend the SHARE Regional Qualifications Frameworks & Quality Assurance Conference with support from the SHARE programme, and  accompanied by ONESQA staff composing of Ms. Nualsupak Phunsap, Chief of International Affairs Unit, Ms. Supparang Intoon, Academic Officer of Assessment and Certification of Higher Education Institutions Section, Ms. Gochamon Chuthep, Academic Officer of Assessment System Development Section.

The Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region (SHARE) Programme is the European Union’s flagship higher education programme with ASEAN. It has been in operation to bring the experience and knowledge from Erasmus Programme and the Bologna Process to support ASEAN to strengthen the capacity of higher education integration since 2015. It has also continued to invest in initiatives supporting student mobility, staff exchange, capacity building, and cooperation partnerships between ASEAN and EU within the field of higher education and research.

The event had been kick-started by high-level representatives from ASEAN and EU reflecting briefly upon the progress made within the higher education sector, pointing towards the recent Roadmap on the ASEAN Higher Education Space 2025 and the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025. There focused on physical, institutional and people-to-people linkages, also contained an explicit strategic objective to increase the international student numberboth intra-ASEAN and between ASEAN-European.

The second day of the event, EU SHARE and Bina Nusantara University hosted back-to-back Seminar on “Enhancing Graduate Employability in ASEAN through Internationalisation of Higher Education” to discuss the future of mobility and its potential for bridging Higher Education with the industry’s needs. The seminar was discussed the challenges and post-pandemic opportunities in international higher education cooperation between Europe and Southeast Asia and also exchange perspectives among experts and panelists regarding the opportunities associated with new teaching and learning methods e.g. digital learning to enhance the resilience of the higher education system in delivering skills-based outcomes as well as the most in-demand skills for 2025. It meant the skill development is crucial for university graduates, not only for their employability and progress, but also for their contribution to the nation’s development.

ONESQA took this opportunity to extend and deepen its relationship within ASEAN and beyond. Planning to establish an International Electronics Journal (IEJ) and adoption as AQAN IEJ were discussed with very positive feedback amongst ASEAN and European scholars. Benchmarking the IT system between ONESQA and CHED (Commission on Higher Education, the Philippines) with a hopeful fund from USAID, proposed by the USAID Consultant, was also the mutual of interest from CHED and the USAID Consultant. The discussion regarding joint evaluation with the International Accreditation Body such as AUN (ASEAN University Network) was also raised and planned for further action.

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