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Joint International Facebook Live on SDGs and QA for HEIs

16 November 2023 | Read 801

Joint International Facebook Live on SDGs and QA for HEIs

On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, ONESQA co-hosted an international webinar with the theme, "From Quality Assurance to Sustainable Development: How QA Advances the SDGs in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with a Global Approach.", in collaboration with the Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) and the Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA).

In the virtual seminar, three sessions from the participating countries--Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand--were presented on the concepts of a.) “Cross-Border Communication b.) “Crises and Opportunities in the Digital and Pandemic Era” and c.) “Strategies for Sustainable Development in Education” correspondingly.

With respect to the session of “Cross-Border Communication,” Prof. Chia-Chu Pao addressed the positive and challenging aspects of international education.  The difficulty lies in the demanding challenges universities face today with students coming from different countries to further their education in Taiwan.  The various cultural communities call for greater and deeper global partnerships between nations.  International QA recognition and credentials become the main goals to accomplish as to place themselves on the highest possible scale of the global educational ranking.

The session on “Crises and Opportunities in the Digital and Pandemic Era” was presented by the JUAA professional experts.  The presenters viewed the challenge of globalization as “opportunities” that can be successfully administered via innovative solutions. The philosophy of education has undoubtedly transformed in the new era of digital globalization. The educators seek to instead shift from “compliance weighting” to vision and achievement.  Focusing on the modification of educational modules into “micro-learning” and “micro-credential” to enhance student personalization to learning tasks. 

Lastly, ONESQA representatives presented “Strategies for Sustainable Development in Education.” The speaker covered the Thai QA national standard criteria for HEIs with clear guidelines on how SDGs can be implemented into the quality standard procedures. Details were provided on the strategic administerial “Reinventing University Approaches” which aim to promote “University Consortium” in their efforts to produce and develop high-quality manpower. 

Altogether, the three and a half hours of this international webinar draws approximately 200 signed-in-participants via TWAEA Microsoft (MS) Teams.  The ONESQA FB Live had significantly attracted nearly 7,000 international “Live” audiences. On the Facebook page, there are currently over 10,000 viewers who have viewed the recorded sessions.

The successful webinar was applauded by all who have arranged and participated in the webinar project from the three countries.  Sustainable collaboration between the three cross-national border organizations through the digital implementation of the influential social media such as this will continue to be a lucrative platform for international academic exchanges.

You can access the previous ONESQA FB Channel and presentations by clicking the links below.


Presentations: https://bit.ly/48ZfJar

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