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The meeting between ONESQA and TWAEA On the Joint-Accreditation of Vocational Education

23 July 2015 | Read 1,252

Under the Memorandum of Understanding on the external quality assurance between the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) and Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) signed on April 9, 2013, the two organizations have continually shared knowledge about quality assurance in education and proposed the development of a Joint-Accreditation Project.

On June 17, 2015, Professor Dr.Channarong Pornrungroj (Director), Assistant Professor Dr. Supongse Nimkulrat (Committee for Development of Assessment Systems for Vocational Education), Dr. Komsorn Wongrugsa (Deputy Director), and Mr. Ekaphong Lauhathiansind (Senior Expert in Foreign Affairs) from ONESQA, had a meeting with Ms. Shu-Yuan Wu (Secretary-General) and Ms. Ying-Li Chou (Deputy Secretary-General) from TWAEA. The discussion points were the system, criteria, and indicators for the Joint-Accreditation Project.

ONESQA and TWAEA have begun to draft a plan to develop the system and format of the Joint-Accreditation Project in 2015 with the implementation of the project in 2016.