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4 September 2014 | อ่าน 5,209 ครั้ง


Policy guidelines for the functioning of ONESQA

To achieve the goals of its missions, the following policy guidelines have been identified:


  • Flexibility in functioning, independence, integrity, responsibility and accountability for an effective check and balance;
  • Emphases on quality and efficiency in functioning;
  • Promotion of educational institutions for their development to the highest potentiality;
  • Establishing an information system for linking with those of the agencies concerned;
  • The assessment is aimed at quality enhancement, not passing judgement for either reward or punishment;
  • ONESQA will not carry out the assessment itself except in case of system and method development;
  • External assessment must be transparent and supported by concrete evidences;
  • Private, professional or academic organizations will be encouraged to participate in the training of external assessors;
  • Selection of external assessors based on the criteria of competency for accreditation and registration as well as periodic assessment of these assessors; and
  • Networking with other parties concerned in order to create an awareness of the collective responsibility for educational quality; are not working as an authoritative body superior to other parties, especially the educational institutions.